Man Sues his Wife and wins because Their Baby was Ugly

I just finished reading an article where a Chinese man recently sued his wife and won because their baby was born ugly.  He didn't understand how two attractive people could have produced such an ugly baby that he was "horrified" to look at.  I honestly started writing right away because I couldn't believe that this was even an issue.  I think about how many of my friends that have struggled to conceive and really wouldn't care whether or not their baby was attractive or not, they would just want a baby. 

Furthermore, the man won the suit because the wife failed to disclose that she had a substantial amount of plastic surgery before they married.  I couldn't even imagine that being a topic of conversation but surely if they talked at all before marriage, he would have asked to see previous photos.  Maybe not, maybe he was too blinded by the current beauty that he failed to do the necessary research, especiallay since looks were that important to him.

The article was hard to read for a number of reasons.  It reveals the true state of extreme vanity  in our world.  No one wants to age gracefully.  It seems that everyone has had a nip here or a tuck there.  I have known women that have gone into debt over plastic surgery.  I've had four kids and lost three, so I get the intense pressure that comes with wanting to look your best and the damage pregnancy can cause to a woman's body.  I once believed that every woman should be offered at least one complimentary cosmetic procedure after giving birth.  There are things on my body that have lost its lift, composure, and elasticity.  I've also learned to let those feelings go because the reality is that beauty is so fleeting.  You can't prevent or control getting older, but can control your attitude about it.  Every stretch mark, gray hair, and patch of cellulite are hard earned battle wounds of wisdom, grace, and strong character.  

Lastly, when I married my husband, I married him thinking he would take his vows seriously.  So for better and for worse applies to all arenas, looks included.  I get the part about not lying, but it seemed like a lack of full disclosure, which we are all guilty of when we date.  That is a risk you take when you marry someone.  It's impossile to know every single detail about a person, but you trust that the good outweighs the bad.  

I believe our children our beautiful because they were came from the both of us, not because I'm looking for them to be on the the cover of Vogue.  What ever happened to children just being a blessing?  



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