A Man Sues the London School of Economics for...Sexism

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Tom Martin is upset. He’s so upset that the former student is suing the London School of Economics, claiming that its gender studies program is vehemently anti-male. Is that ironic, or what? Still, does the beleaguered Martin have a case? Jonathan Dean at The Guardian.co.uk deconstructs the complaint. Do you think that men, too, can be victims of sexism in academia?

He writes:

Let's get a few things straight. The dominant ideas, approaches and insights of the vast majority of academic disciplines are produced by, for and about men. This does not necessarily make them bad ideas, but it does mean that there are entrenched gender biases in most fields. In my own discipline – politics – the key undergraduate texts are overwhelmingly by and about men. And yet this is seen by most as unproblematic, as natural or inevitable.

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Read more from Let's Get This Straight: Gender Studies Isn't about "women good, men bad" at The Guardian.co.uk


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