Mango Salsa Tacos {With Lime Cordial Chicken}


This recipe started from a bland chicken salsa taco dish I ordered at a restaurant a few weeks ago while out with my husband. It wasn’t horrible, but it lacked pizzazz if you know what I mean. I was was badly craving something fresh, but I didn’t feel like a salad, so I ordered their ‘Chicken Tacos’ with apparently a ‘Mango Salsa’. I was wholeheartedly disappointed, but all that did was make me want to create my own version of that dish exactly the way I imagined it. Drool running down my chin and all.


I searched the internet for a Mango Salsa which I found pages of. I pulled a few recipes for the main ingredients but changed things around and made it my own.

For this recipe you will need:

A bunch of Key Limes

One Red Pepper

One Red Onion

Two Tablespoons of fresh Cilantro

One Mango

One can of Corn

A few small Cumbers or half of a large one

Salt n’ Pepper

Lemon Dill Seasoning (Mine is from Sunset Gourmet)

4-6 Chicken Breast

Soft Taco Shells

Sour Cream

and a sauce of your choice (I chose a Sweet Pepper Sauce from Sunset Gourmet it has a slight kick to it)

First I started by marinading the raw chicken in a Tupperware dish with approximately

Half a cup of Lime Cordial


Half a Cup of Beer

[Give it at least an hour for a good soaking]

(I wanted the chicken to have a charbroiled flavour, which I knew the sugar in the Lime Cordial along with the heat would create)

After about an hour I removed the chicken and cut into strips. I seasoned it with a generous amount Lemon Dill Spice, sea salt and pepper.

Add the chicken to a pan on medium high heat and squeeze a few limes over the chicken intermediately.

Throw the lime peels in there with the chicken while cooking for added flavour.

AND now for the Mango Salsa-Cut everything into tiny pieces, especially the Cilantro.

Add it into a bowl and squeeze 7-8 small Key Limes over top. Add the cilantro and salt and pepper to taste.

Get your sauces ready! I chose light sour cream and a Sweet Pepper sauce which was the crowning combination for these harmonious flavours. It just brought it together perfectly. I think it would be unbelievable with a Sweet Pineapple sauce or even a Spicy Teriyaki Sauce as well. I have yet to try that but there is ALWAYS next time.

Spread the sauce on your taco shell, add the chicken and top with the Mango Salsa. I used soft shells because I prefer them but hard would be equally fantastic.


Do it up. Try it with a new sauce but don’t forget to write me and tell me which one. I think this recipe can go so many ways. Turn up the heat on the spice or use an extra sweet sauce for the kidlets.

So Much Summer Love

xo Leeshie +1





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