Manhattanville Coffee: Heaven in a Coffee Cup

Manhattanville Coffee is an uptown coffee shop that's perfect for sipping the perfect cup of coffee and more. 
-PJ Gach

 ManhattanvillecoffeePhoto courtesy of Manhattanville Coffee  
Manhattanville Coffee is a blessing for people who freelance or work at home. Like many people who work from home, being in one spot all day can make you crazy. If you need to take a break, but keep on working, Manhattanville Coffee’s a haven to visit for awhile.

Inside  has exposed brick walls and high ceilings. You can sit at the communal table, plug in your laptop and you’re good to go. If you need to relax, sprawl out on one of the leather-clad loveseats and watch people walk on by.

Interior of manhattanville coffee shopIt’s only been open for about seven or eight weeks, but Manhattanville Coffee’s quickly become a neighborhood staple. On Sundays, people drop in after church. During the week, you might overhear a meeting between a real estate broker and a client, entrepreneurs talking over marketing strategies, watch couples courting or families taking a breather from walking in the heat. If you’ve got a dog, tie her or him up to one of the outside benches. There’s always a couple of bowls of water out for the neighborhood and coffee shop visitors’ dogs. Run in and get a dog treat to give to your pooch whilst you’re waiting on line for a custom-made latte.

Manhattanville coffee foodThey serve Intelligentsia coffee—iced, hot, mocha, latte, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, and Americano. Coffee starts at$2.25 and goes up. But, wait, there’s more! You can have hot chocolate, chai latte, iced chai latte, iced mocha and tea! Iced tea, hot tea! Fruit tea! Their Bagels ($2) are bigger than my head, loaded with flavor and chewy…in a good way. A big hit is the Cauliflower Tart ($7)—made with asiago cheese and spices. I wouldn’t say no, and haven’t to their Zucchini and Walnut Muffin ($3). It’s moist and flavorful.

The staff is friendly, helpful and they greet their regulars like family. Once you drop in, Manhattanville Coffee Shop becomes your daily oasis. You'll find yourself getting a lot of work done while munching on a gourmet pastry. The soothing atmosphere makes tackling deadlines a breeze. Want to catch up with friends? Have lunch here and you'll be able to hear them. Read a book, watch youtube, hang out and  listen to their music. If you want to, do nothing or as the cool kids say, “Just chill and watch the world walk on by.”

Manhattanville Coffee 
142 Edgecombe Avenue 
Monday through Friday 7am -8 pm 
Saturday and Sunday 8am-8pm

 Need more info: visit their site

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