Manners What A Novel Idea

As most of you have gathered by now I am a take to the blog and vent it out kind of ranter because just verbally getting it out there helps take my level of irritation down a few notches :) and on that note I am not actually a full on 24/7 ranting lunatic.  I just get tend to rowdy in my rants because I am so passionate about people not being rude or stupid or idiotic. I’m generally never ranting about someone who is being respectful or considerate or humanly decent.  With that in mind let me move on to today’s idiot that graces me with their presence far more than they should.

The door to door solicitor….....ah yes the age old profession of selling products going door to door. 

When I take the time and care to post a no solicitors sign on my front door this pretty much means that on no occasion do I want to be bothered by someone trying to sell me something.  I work all week and my evenings and weekends are reserved for my family and just chilling the hell out.  I am a big girl and if I want to get something I will go get it or look it up and buy it online.  Now I get that people are just trying to make a living so don’t go off making me out to be a total nightmare I am simply stating that people’s signage on their homes should be respected. 

If the sign says don’t walk on the grass then guess what?  Don’t walk on the damn grass!  If the sign says wet paint do not touch then guess what?  Do not touch the damn paint!  If the door says no solicitors then guess what?  Don’t fucking ring my doorbell if you are selling anything and I mean anything including your beliefs.  It is my prerogative to not have to deal with that shit in my own home and on my own free time so have some respect, there are plenty of other doors to knock on.  And in case this is not clear please see the following:


  1. Ringing my doorbell to tell me you are not a solicitor but you have something you’d like to tell me about – NOT OK
  2. Ringing my doorbell and telling me you saw the no solicitor sign but you just had to tell me you really liked my car in the driveway (as you have a stack of cookbooks to sell) – NOT OK
  3. Ringing my doorbell to introduce me to whatever deity you think I should be following – NOT OK
  4. Ringing my doorbell to tell me you are not a solicitor you just want to ask if I like my vacuum or if I’d like my carpet shampoo’d – NOT OK
  5. Ringing my doorbell to tell me you are not soliciting you are just offering to do a water filter test – NOT OK
  6. Ringing my doorbell without even paying attention to the no solicitor sign to begin with and thinking I want to hear you – SO FAR PASSED NOT OK
  7. Ringing my doorbell to ask if my son can come out and play – THAT’S OK I’LL GO GET HIM

Mind your damn manners!


Truth Shall Set You Free So Don't Be A Crybaby


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