To the Manor Retired (Almost!!)

It has now been almost a year and a month since we bought our retirement home, even though the spouse and I still have a ways to go until we can officially retire.  Still, if we had not taken the leap of faith to put in an offer on the old stone manor house on the mountain in August of 2011, I feel we would have regretted it the rest of our lives.  When my husband and I went to the first open house, the feeling of home immediately struck us both.

We moved in the weekend before Thanksgiving last year.  The deal was closed on September 30, 2011, but we had to spend the interim time in DIY endeavors just so we actually move in.  Toilets, lavatories and shower heads needed replacing.  The only kitchen appliance that was still working was the old fridge.  My Mom who had become the default hostess of the family Christmas Eve gatherings, had finally admitted it had become too much for her.  A decision had to be made and the Manor became the new party locale.

With hastily thrown up decorations, a tree and some outside lights mostly, we had a crowd on Christmas Eve, having only a microwave, toaster oven and a two-unit hot plate to cook with.  Our relatives were most understanding, bringing food items that didn't need a lot of onsite cooking.  Thankfully, this year it will be a lot easier.

As I look through the photo album that was starting using the real estate agent pix, the effort (and dollars!!) that have put into the Manor is tiring just to look at.  Tiring but with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at how far we have come in a year.  

This Christmas season, we have been able to enjoy decorating, seeing how well our old stuff works in the old stone house and shopping for new things.  New kitchen appliances, a new island lending additional workspace, all have made cooking and dining a joy in our new home.    

A time of year, definitely, to be thankful for all our blessings.  Hoping it is God's will that we will have many more Christmases at the Manor.   





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