Manual Photography Cheat Sheet

I've seen manual photography cheat sheets floating around before but none seem to have exactly what I need.

I created this one several months ago and then updated it to what I have learned in my photography classes and to match my blog. It's pretty helpful to me.

Sometimes you just need something to glance at to remind you what you are needing to do. Manual photography can be so much fun and so rewarding, especially to a newbie like myself when you can see the shot and you finally understand how to acheive it.

Here's  quick guide to what I learned in one of my photography classes.

Aperture - controls your depth of field, it controls how much light comes into your camera, and it controls how fuzzy or clear your background is.

Shutter Speed - controls the speed of your shutter (reall?), faster shutter speeds freeze movement/time but allow for less light, slower shutter speeds slow or blur movement/time and allow more light through.

ISO - controls how sensitive your camera is to light, lower ISO works best in well lit areas and has really low noise or grain. High ISO works good in lower light but can cause lots or noise or grain.


I've heard both read your manual front to cover and know it, and I've heard throw your manual away it can teach you anything. I say read your manual. Each camera is slightly different and if nothing else you need it to tell you where and how to change functions.


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