The Many Quirks of Tobie & Mia

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Until Tobie & Mia came into my life I never thought animals could possess strong personalities. But in the few shorts years I've been blessed with these little trouble makers they have proven me wrong. Tobie is smart, loving and my constant companion. Mia is a ball of fire, always happy and playing. Their personalities are uniquely their own and together they keep life interesting with their many quirks.
Sweet Catastrophe Blog | Tobie & Mia on Deck
I'm most likely to blame for this first one but since I tend to stay on a schedule they are accustomed to eating their dinner's between 4:30-5pm each night. Without fail they will sit, stare (more about this one later one) and make the saddest noises you've ever heard if they haven't eaten by 5pm. And it will only get louder till their fed. I like to call it their, "I'm dying of hunger" cries because the poor little babies only had one other meal so far and only around a billion treats - the struggle is real people. 
One of their more unusual quirks is their love of running water or as I call it, "tub time". Despite a fresh, clean bowl of water always being available to them in the kitchen, they prefer the tub. That's right, why not just go right to the source. It's colder, fresher (than the water that was poured into their bowl 5 minutes ago) and a lot more fun. Mia will jump in the tub (even if no one is in the bathroom with her) just to make sure you know what she needs. If your not quick enough she will actually click the faucet with her nose and whine till her commands are obeyed. 
Sweet Catastrophe Blog | Tobie & Mia in Snow
They have also perfected the "sit & stare". Tobie performed this flawlessly yesterday afternoon. I had come home from work to let them out, to eat and relax for a bit. As I sat down with my lunch to watch TV he casually sat down between me and the TV and began to stare. This stare is not to be taken lightly folks. He (or she) will win - trust me. Mia has recently taken the "sit & stare" to a whole new level. The longer you ignore her the closer she moves till eventually she launches herself at you - just in case you didn't realize she needed something.
Sweet Catastrophe Blog | Tobie & Mia in Life Jackets
Now the reason Tobie was giving me the "sit & stare" was his desire for "ppt" aka private potty time. Seriously who would want to pee and poo in front off their sister, that is downright embarrassing. Instead he will wait, and stare and stare until you agree to take him out by himself for "ppt". Mia usually gets very offended by this and immediately tackles him when he returns as if she's been without him for days.
This is just a sampling of their craziness. I didn't even mention Tobie's obsession with eating vegetables or that Mia hates bananas with a passion. Or that I have to spell dinner, treats, car, outside, go, walk, mailman and countless other words because they know ALL the English words. But that's all I'm sharing today because I have to go let my little cuties chase the squirrel that has been tormenting them for the past twenty minutes - stop looking at us squirrel! 


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