The Many Sparkling Shades of BlogHer Blue

One of the greatest gifts given to me was a bracelet that I received from my two closest friends on my graduation day from university.

It was without their support I would have never finished my degree. I would have crumbled at defeat without their positive pep talks when the kids were sick and the chips looked like they were tumbling down against me.

They were always there to lend an ear or show a hand of support. It was through the years our failures and triumphs are what made us sisters connected together through a bond of understanding and love.

The day my family moved from the east coast to the west was one of fear, anxiety, and trepidation. The times when I felt isolated or alone I would look down at my bracelet for comfort. It was with every twinkle against the light it was a reminder of a strong bond of my friends who were with me in spirit.

It is the twinkle of the purple that gives me strength to speak-up, the green is a special reminder to be healthy, and the different shades of blue bring me peace knowing that the world is full of endless possibilities. It is these small gems that remind me that I am never alone.

The moment I discovered BlogHer it became another of my favorite precious gems with new posts that shine across the page each day. People reach out with support when a blogger shares an honest emotional moment, the tough political issues are faced with rational debate, but the best of all is the chatter that is always full of positive laughter.

It is each of these genuine encounters online that reminds me that the word is still full of compassion and endless possibilities.

So as each and every one of you descend on New York for an amazing conference I will be following you on twitter, reading your blogs, and enjoying all of the special moments that you make from connecting, learning, and inspiring each other.

My bracelet will dangle from my wrist many shades of blue reminding me of all the sparkling stars that make BlogHer shine in this globalized community.

Do you have a gem that has special meaning to you?


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