Yesterday, my husband and I joined friends to support the Boston Marathon Runners at Heartbreak Hill.  Coming off of last year’s devastation, the Boston Marathon had special meaning for many of us New Englanders and beyond.  I felt a deep desire to be there to support the families and victims and more especially the brave runners who wanted to look terrorism in the face and declare, “We will not let them win”!

The history of Heartbreak Hill is one of breaking through deep discomfort at one of the toughest tracks of the race the runners face, at mile 18 a steady climb for the last leg of the race.  It is not easy, this is where many runners stumble, cramp or reach their limits…it is total mental game.  Standing with a former marathoner, he told me how the crowds cheering them on is huge…it gives them the mental fuel to keep going and hearing their name or the charity they are representing gives them courage to take the next step and then the next. 

The chants on the sidelines included…

We are here for you!

Keep Going!

Great job!

You Got This!

We are here to support you!

You can do this!

You are almost there!

You are tough!

Boston Strong!

You are strong!

Your are warriors!

Handing out water, wet cloths, orange slices we were humbled by the willingness to commit and challenge their bodies to the limit.  As my friend turned to me and with great emotion said “ I feel honored to be of service to these people today”, my heart skipped a beat and I shared her honor.

This morning, I realized that as Mothers of Athletes, we too are humbly serving our kids in some of their greatest challenges.   Saying much of the same as those who cheered the marathoners on.  We give them the extra they need to go the next mile, lap, push up, practice etc.  We encourage them with works spoken and unspoken, with love.   What a gift to be a Mother on the Sideline, to be humbled by their sheer determination and will to give it all they’ve got!  I know I am honored to be on the sidelines for my kids and the marathoners!