Marathon Training: Weekly Workout Recap

Monday:  Usually a rest day, but the weather was so perfect for running that I had to take advantage of it. My legs were tired from the 20 mile run the day before, but I ran 4 miles @ 9:36 pace + foam rolled

Tuesday: Farlek run for a total of 9 miles, with avg pace at 9:18 + drills, lunges, squats + 8 x 8 sec hill sprints + foam rolled

Wednesday: 10 minute Abs video + 10 minute arms + another 10 minute arms + foam rolled

Thursday: 7 mile run, 1 mile warm up, 8:30, 8:30, 8:30, 8:50, 8:40, 1 mile cool down + foam rolled

Friday: 6 mile progression run. Goal was to start at a 10min/mile pace and cut down by pace by 15 secs for every mile. Actual splits: 9:58, 9:45, 9:26, 9:12, 8:58, 8:39. This is a fun run that helps me to practice not going out too fast.

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Falmouth Road Race:  7 miles @ 8:37 pace + 1 mile cool down jog to the carFqY2nxeaoSwHSZhPxLnpI5vG9GJ2CWh_o_xqjf2-m6g

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