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Once upon a time, about six years ago, I ran over to the bank to deposit a check and I took the three little kids with me so their mom could take a nap. On the way home, I told them that I had to work for a few hours and if they behaved we'd pack a picnic and eat dinner at the "flaming castle park". They thought the flaming castle park idea was great but the picnic dinner thing, not so much. They wanted to go to McDonalds and get Happy Meals to take to the park. My response was "sorry dudes, gotta wait 'til payday for that". One of them said "what's payday" and I almost drove my car off of the road. Kids who didn't know about payday? Who knew there were such creatures, certainly not me. My kids have always known about payday.

What was more interesting was the discussion that followed. They were sure their father did not have a "payday". He just had money in the bank and he did not get paid by the University to teach. He just somehow had money. Whenever he wanted it. They argued. I rolled my eyes. They thought I was insane and who can blame them, I couldn't even afford to buy a few Happy Meals so obviously I wasn't all that bright.

Flash forward a few years and I'm in the car with these same three children and somehow the subject of allowance came up. A couple of the kids were more than happy to talk about allowance but one child was being very quiet so I specifically asked her for her thoughts on allowance. Her response was "Daddy says it isn't polite to talk about money."

Well yea. He's right. Sort of. Which led to a discussion abut when it's ok to talk about money and when it might be considered rude.

Looking back on those discussions now, I worry that I'm raising children who are afraid to talk about money or more importantly, afraid to ask questions about money. This worry is part of the reason I appreciate people who blog about money. Whether they're sharing information and advice or sharing their own struggles and questions about money, I read every post. I save more of these posts in bookmarks, as new in my feedreader or as part of "to do lists" in my Evernote than any other type of blog post that I read. I cannot get enough of money blogs and that means I am loving BlogHer this month.

Alanna kicked off the month with a fantastic resource for people trying to save money on groceries. The post was so popular that she followed it up with another post about saving time and money grocery shopping.

Paula's pieces on your financial status and goals, budgets and saving, investing and paying off credit contained so much information that I've read and re-read the posts every day.

If that wasn't enough, Leslie blogged about college students and credit cards, Elana blogged about asking for a raise and Catherine blogged about money and stress. I sent all of those posts directly to my three oldest children to read and discuss (with me, their friends and each other.)

All of this fantastic money talk and we're only half-way through March. I'm looking at the publishing calendar and I'm chomping at the bit to read Leslie's piece about college scholarships and loans, Dana's blog on the mortgage crisis, and Maria's piece about elders living on fixed incomes. And then, I can hardly wait... the information I really need - Paula will be blogging about credit and also about retirement and wills.

With all of this great content, maybe I'll become so good with money that I won't have to listen to TW doing the Secret Affirmations.... you can only listen to someone say "I am a money magnet" so many times before you go a little crazy...

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