March Writing Challenge-ARGH!!!


The time is here folks. I have joined my first ever writing challenge! Well, really my seventh if you count all the aborted attempts at National Novel Writing Month over the years. It hasn’t become any easier to forgive myself after almost drowning in guilt each time I quit but I digress. Enough about the past. It’s a brand new year. Let’s talk about the here and now. Am I panicking at the thought of forcing my weak self-discipline into use and churning out copious amounts of writing for 31 straight, unrelenting days? Yes! Will I let it stall me in a frozen sea of procrastination and inaction? No! Or, let’s say maybe. Kind of like parking an SUV, I need to leave enough wiggle room to back out of the challenge in case I chicken out again. Any hoo...

Every month has its National Blog Post Month, or NaBloPoMo, writing challenge, which I discovered only two days ago. Here we are in March, which has the dubious honor of having amongst its days the first day of spring. Ah yes, spring. The season of renewal, rebirth and awakening. So, of course, the theme for this month of “SELF” fits right in. At least to me it does. Reflection upon the self can lead to renewal, rebirth and awakening. Or it can show you what kind of a horrible person you really are. Either way, some form of change happens just like in the season of spring. Can you hear the birds chirping?

Luckily for me, my sense of self has been a trusty constant in my life. Searching to discover who I really am deep down in the squishy nether regions of my soul was not something I “had to do”. As an introvert, unfolding my self happened organically without any prompting. Exploring my self for this project will be like traversing familiar territory. It seems to be kismet. A theme in harmony with me. However, it’s been my experience when an action seems to be easily done it usually turns out harder than imagined.

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