March! Or, my daughter is two already.

This time last year I started feeling old because it occurred to me that I had a child old enough to have a birthday.  Now birthdays are going to have to be part of my existence because not only do I have one child having a birthday this year, I have two!  (The other thing on my mind this time last year--realizing I'd have two kids!)  As previously mentioned, I am trying to do a low-budget DIY Madeline birthday party.  Nothing too elaborate, just an attempt to try to tie things together around a theme.  elaborate is just not something that happens with two babies in the house.  Unless by "elaborate" we are talking about the diaper-changing procedures and the getting in-and-out-of-the-car routine...  Those are elaborate. 

So we took a trip to the fabric store and found some cute yellow fabric and black buttons for a Madeline dress.  And had to go online for a fleur de lis cookie cutter since we couldn't find one at Jo-Ann.  Btw, online shopping is GREAT!  You can shop after the kids are asleep without leaving them alone in the house!  And no, I don't leave them--it's why I put off shopping as long as possible. 

In addition to working on general mayhem and Madeline, I have been reading Les Miserables!  Aside from the many digressions into Parisian history or social injustice, I am actually enjoying it a lot.  I get so impatient with it, though.  I keep wanting things to HAPPEN FASTER!  (Sayers is my favorite fiction, don't we all love Lord Peter?)  But I have actually managed to finish the Fantine portion of the book.  While I did see the older movie version, I decided to read the book before watching the new movie.  So I do have some idea of what is going on ahead of time in the story, but there's so much more character development (and general side information...) in the book.  I refuse to compare the two media too much, though.  A book version and a movie version simply cannot be that similar since you can't do the same things in books that you do in movies. 

Thanks to Tess of Book Smart in DC for mentioning me in one of her recent posts!

Time to get back to keeping the house from going crazy... 


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