Marching Ants of Equality

During dry season you see the ants working hard to gather enough stock to keep them safe and satisfied during the storm. These ants are precautious, they are smart enough to know how to use their time to work when they can and predict when tough times arrive. They prepare for the future for what lies ahead.

This is how I began to see my fight for same sex marriage after a break up with a long term partner I had. I thought of my relationship as a preparation for my future with my next partner.  Even if I was not in a committed relationship with anyone at the moment, I was and still am as passionate as I was when I was an intern in Equality California.

The only difference is that sometimes I don´t get as emotional like I used to because the reason to protest or fight for my right to marry, was to defend my relationship, my love, but I am so glad that I´m no longer in that relationship because I came to realize that the reason of this revolution is broader than I even imagine. 

This is about defending my right for equality, my right to love openly as bigger as coming out of the closet, this is about not getting harassed or denied rights from my marriage to my partner because we both have the same gender by the government.

I always believe that I do not have to live by society rules, as long as I don´t cross anyone’s rights or vice versa. Sometimes you want to share certain social traditions with your friends and family, especially if you have children and it´s only right if you can complete that part of that journey with your loved one.

There has been so many achievements for the marriage equality movement that gives me hope to the point that makes me feel like that working ant, who worked during dry season for when she get to meet someone , in my case, which is not the case just yet, but the universe is conspiring on my side.  

Brad and Angelina are even talking about getting married and they were waiting for equality to kick in, so imagine, the time seems to be Now, the time has come.

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