At Mardi Gras: Playing a Simple Game with No Words, No Words.

When we think of playing games…we think of video games,  board games or card games.  We might  even think of more physical games, like hide and seek or hopscotch….or even the Olympic Games!  So, it was with great pleasure that the other night, Cece discovered a new game by watching two of her adult clients play it.  It was a very simple game that produced much joy for them!

Cece was at a Mardi Gras party and was feeding one of her clients.  She looked left and saw two of her other clients.  Neither of them  talk and both have very limited physical abilities which necessitate full personal care.  Both ladies were also being fed.  The party was swirling around them!  The home had many visitors.  It was packed full of their guests,  friends , children and care givers.  The home was decorated beautifully with Mardi Gras decorations and the staff had made a king cake and hidden babies inside so that whoever got the babies, got a prize and was king or queen for the day. They served ribs and jambalaya and other delicious foods typical of Mardi Gras.  The tables were set with purple, green and yellow tablecloths and beads, confetti, masks  and feathers were  arranged at each place setting. Banners and decorations were hanging strategically  from every doorway.

And so, in the midst of all the chaos that is supposed to be Mardi Gras, the two ladies began to play.

When was the last time, you played a simple game, that made the other laugh as you were being mischievous?  Can you remember when you teased your friend and  tried to trick her into into going left when  you went right?

Well, this is what Cece watched.  One woman took her cloth napkin in a hand that does not quite work, and pretended to drop it…the other woman caught it and used gesture to tell the first lady to “use this to wipe your mouth.”  The first lady got a sparkle in her eye!  She knows this …she is playing.  She smiled.  Again she used that limited mobility in her  hand to take the cloth napkin and move it toward the second woman…as if to say “Ha!  Catch my napkin!”    With a sparkle and a laugh, the second woman got the napkin and again returned it to the first…laughing she was catching on…they were playing a game…with no words, no words…just sparkles of light in their eyes and  laughter and great mischief!  Cece watched this go on for many minutes…each woman smiling with  teasing eyes….they were having great fun!

Often it is the little things,….the little gifts of life that bring tears to Cece’s eyes.  And as  she watched this simple game, with no words, no words… she was overwhelmed with happiness that these two beautiful woman had found friends in each other and had discovered a way to play.

“Bye  for Now” from The Two Whos

Cece-one of The Two Whos