Margaret Dilloway, American Housewife

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Welcome to my world!  I’m a stay-home mom and writer who recently relocated to Hawaii with my three kids and my husband.  No, it was not a military move. No, there was no relocation allowance. Yes, we sold everything and moved across the ocean.  Yes, Hawaii really as expensive as you’ve heard. Yes, it is fun, especially if you like the water. And I totally took the header picture. However, this is not the view from our home. The view from our home is the back of another home from the back and at the front, usually the city bus going by.

I’m a writer and have wanted to be a writer since I was 5.  Actually, first I wanted to be an artist, but upon asking my parents for rec-center art classes and being told it was too expensive, I decided I should be a writer.  Writers can write on napkins.  They don’t need pastels or oil colors.

My first book was Mary, The Loneliest Little Girl.  Or something to that effect.  It was about a kindergartener named Mary who wanted to learn how to read and go play with the big kids in first grade.  I put it together backwards, like a Japanese book.

However, I became an art major in college, satisfying that long-ago dream.  After graduating, I rediscovered how much art supplies cost and got various jobs writing.  Until, at last, it all culminated in this book.