Marian Lizzi

Editor-in-Chief, PerigeeBooks

Marian Lizzi is Editor-in-Chief of Perigee Books, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA). She describes her list as "prescriptive with personality." Spanning pop reference, quirky how-to, health, special-needs parenting, memoir, and more, her books include READING THE OED, THE CLOUDSPOTTER'S GUIDE, EXTREME PUMPKINS, and THE OUT-OF-SYNC CHILD.

Forthcoming releases include books from, former child actor (and now ambivalent home-schooler) Quinn Cummings, YouTube artist Phil Hansen, Asperger's blogger Aaron Likens, illustrator/teacher Carla Sonheim, and Chunklet Magazine publisher (and indie-cred arbiter) Henry Owings.

Before joining Penguin in 2005, she was a Senior Editor at St. Martin's Press, where she began as an editorial assistant at the dawn of time.

A graduate of Brown University and a lapsed writer, inventor, and standup comic, she blogs regularly at, and tweets about publishing and more as @MarianLiz.