Marisa Howard-Karp

Grad student. Non-profit consultant. Special-needs mama. Open adoption advocate.

Marisa Howard-Karp is a mom, wife, graduate student (Non-Profit Management), and advocate.

As an adoptive parent and a parent to two special-needs children, ages four and six, she is passionate about promoting openness in adoption (and child welfare reform in general) and supporting and connecting with other special-needs families.

In her spare time (stop laughing!) she devours books, cooks insane quantities of food, swims, does yoga (badly), volunteers at a farmer's market, and hangs out on the beach with her family. She is also trying to learn American Sign Language fast enough to keep up with her Deaf four-year-old.

She tends to neglect her blog, Sheeps Eating Me, but makes up for it with more than you could ever want to know on Twitter -- the professional and political slant is at @Marisa_H_K and the personal slant is at @SheepsEatingMe. She is a contributing writer to Support for Special Needs.

You can also find her over on LinkedIn.