The BlogHer Influencer Network


Our Social Media Influencer programs are specifically designed to live on your social media platform of choice – you don’t need a blog!

We work with and value Influencers of all sizes and backgrounds. We’ll select Influencers for campaigns based on a number of factors, including the sponsor’s requests and our team's best judgment based on what we know about your readers. As we match you with possible opportunities, we’ll let you know—and you can decide if you’re interested on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

How to apply to The BlogHer Influencer Network:

  1. Head over to the Apply Tab of The BlogHer Influencer Network and connect your Social Accounts


  1. Connect your Social Accounts in your Social Accounts Tab in your Settings
  2. When you do Step 1, indicate your interest by checking a box below each account that says "Use this account for Social Media Programs"
  3. That is it! When you are approved, you will get an approval email.
  4. Check your account information on My account tab of Your Influencer Network