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  • Hot ideas – Stories that affect women in social media, across all the categories above. We welcome new takes on old subjects, news we need to know but don’t know it yet, insight on what we should know, and strong opinions on the topics of today.
  • Tight writing – We won’t consider any post containing grammatical, spacing or spelling errors or that doesn’t work as a stand-alone essay outside of your blog.
  • Informed writing – Know what others in the blogosphere are saying about your topic and acknowledge the opposition when appropriate.
  • Timely writing – We prefer pitch ideas to be of the moment, and syndication suggestions to be of your freshest work.
  • Entertaining voices – Insert yourself in your writing. Show us who you are.
  • Civility and respect – BlogHer tolerates only civil disagreement in posts and in comments.
  • Copyright observance– We won’t accept any post that doesn’t respect copyright laws for quoted work or images.

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Currently BlogHer pays $50 per syndicated or assigned post.