Marriage is about how you handle it...

Marriage is about how you handle it ... (A big test of patience) Marriages can be hard. I know it is not easy to live with a different person from some different life.  It is always that things in life can happen but it the end it matters how you r3eact to it and how you solve it. My grandparents are married for 52 years. My grandfather was telling us how he fell inlove with my grandmother in a cruise. They were from same country, same religion and same language but there were still problems. First my grandfathers family was like "Amish" people and never accepted my grandmother as what we call "gelin" in other words as bride. In addition, my grandmothers mother (RIP) was not liking my grandfather for the single reason of his family. As you can understand, they were married but without families. In Turkey, men always advice other men that when it is the time to marry, men doesn't only marry with the girl but with all the family.  Well,  my grandfather was rebel for his love. Refused his family herritage and married my grandmother. They had 3 babies. They have been poor but stuggrugling hard, and here they were with a copper factory. Why did I tell this story? Not to brag of course but to prove some point. When two people lolves eachother, there is no way back.. Even the differences or whatso ever. My marriage is like that too. My husband and I fight sometimes but when we fight it is a real fight. I know he is smart and ideas just keep comming and same woth me so we really fight about ideas. Idea war turn into threats and later he leaes ... I am just not feeling bad about telling that we have differences to other people. I am confident because in the end we know "first three months of marriages go by knowing eachother. and then another 6 showing love and appreciation but we know that there is a long way to goand this way is probably going to be based on patience and understanding. (how we say Turkish "Katlanma") (for the pictures)

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