Marriage Is a Beautiful Ideal

I know there are those who think marriage is generally a really bad idea. They are anti-marriage, and they’ve got their reasons.

I don’t agree with their reasons. I think marriage is the most beautiful ideal ever created. Many marriages are a study in contrasts. Mine is no exception.

When I think of my relationship to my husband, Edward, lyrics to Adele’s “My Same” come to mind.

“You like to be so close/I like to be alone/I like to sit on chairs/And you prefer the floor/Walking with each other/Think we’ll never match at all/But we do.”

I’m definitely the “alone” sort, while Ed is more the “likes to be so close” kind. Sometimes I have to remind him “Arms length, buddy. Arms length! You’re breathing my air. Back it up.”

You see, Edward is an "affection" guy, while I’m more of an “acts of service” gal.

I am prone to guilt and shame, while it’s almost impossible to embarrass Ed.

Ed has hoarding tendencies. Clutter makes my head hurt.

Ed is extroverted. I am introverted.

Ed will eat anything. I’m downright picky.

We will be married twenty-five years this month. They said it wouldn’t last. (Seriously, they said that. I’m not just making this up for dramatic effect.)

People ask me the secret to a long marriage. I tell them “I keep asking him to leave, but he won’t go away.”

That’s true. But what’s even more true is—we’ve decided to stay married.

Because we know that ...

Today I can’t stand you. Tomorrow I’ll be thanking God for you.

Today I wonder how I can possibly live with you.

Tomorrow I’ll be wondering how I’d ever do without you.

Today you hurt me, and I hated you. Tomorrow I’ll hurt you and hate myself.

Marriage. The beautiful ideal.


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