Marriage: A Covenant Agreement

Wedding Couple


Marriage is one of the greatest relationship commitments that a man and a woman can have.  It is an agreement to Love, Honor, Trust and Respect your spouse for life!  Marriage is also a covenant agreement not only between a man and a woman but it is an agreement with God.   You both together pledge and make vows that should always be honored within your marriage…

If you are already married reflect back for a moment on your Wedding Vows.  What did you pledge to one another?   Those vows are so much more than words.  So if you have not married and are planning on getting married really think about what you are agreeing or pledging to do!   You are entering into a contract not only of the letter but of the heart as well as legally.

If you are not married get wise counsel before you enter into marriage.  In this 21st century more than 55% of marriages are ending in divorce.   This should not be. Many enter into marriage not really intending to keep their vows.   There are also many who are ignorant of what it really is all about.  Too often there are many emotional issues that have not been addressed begin to weigh the marriage down.   Marriage has its mountaintops as well as valley experiences.  It is important to know no matter how much you know about your fiancé there is so much more to learn. You want to make sure that you are willing to go through the valley with your spouse as well as share in the Joys & Celebrations before you are married!

Your marriage is or will be as strong as the foundation that you build it upon.

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