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Last month's BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 Conference is one that's near and dear to my heart, and to Lisa and Jory's. We know that we could never have sustained building BlogHer over these last seven years without mentorship, without expanding and deepening our networks, and without taking advantage of the many resources and support systems out there for small businesses. We hope this conference helps other entrepreneurs find resources and support.

This year, as attendees gathered in the main session room for our Closing Keynote segment, the message was really brought home that supporting entrepreneurs is important because entrepreneurs support their communities. As Lisa, Jory and I grow BlogHer, we are well-aware of our our more than 60 employees and to the entire BlogHer community.

Closing Keynote sponsor Liberty Mutual Insurance introduced a new film series from The Responsibility Project called The Entrepreneurial Spirit.

The film series highlights small businesses that are making a positive difference in their communities, starting with four businesses in Detroit and Austin, two cities that rely heavily on small businesses for financial revitalization. The entire BlogHer Entrepreneurs audience got a sneak peek at the first film in the series, featuring Jackie Victor and Ann Perrault, the co-founders of Avalon International Breads in Detroit.



I got to preview the video sitting at my desk at BlogHer HQ pre-conference, and it brought tears to my eyes then, and again that day amongst 200 ambitious women. Honoring the commitment, the character, and the contribution of these women; acknowledging the hard work, but also the deep satisfaction that comes with making a difference...this is a universal entrepreneurial story. The distance between a bakery in Detroit and a women's network and media company in Silicon Valley doesn't seem very far to me when I listen to Jackie and Ann talk about how much they love their city, love what they do, and honor their place in a larger community.

The question isn't whether small businesses like Avalon Bakery can help great American cities like Detroit survive and begin to thrive during these tough economic times. They already are. I'm incredibly moved by that...that we are each a solution, that we can each contribute. I think you will be moved too.

Our thanks to Liberty Mutual Insurance and The Responsibility Project for supporting BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12, and for spotlighting entrepreneurs. I know we all need all the mentors, networks and support systems we can get!

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Film Series from The Responsibility Project consists of four short films to be released throughout this year. Each explores the responsibility, characteristics and drive exhibited by this generation of entrepreneurs.

Through short films like this series and online content, The Responsibility Project is a catalyst for examining the decisions that confront people trying to “do the right thing.”




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