Marriage Equality 101

MarriageEquality 101

Who knew fighting for commitment would be such a bad thing. Fighting for Marriage is fighting for: commitment, monogamy, and structured families. We are not fighting for shacking up, casual sex, going half on a baby, divorce or promiscuity. You say that supporting equality will destroy families and ruin its sanctity, but 33% of Christians are divorced and 34% of Non-Christians are as well. What better thing to fight for in America, since broken families and accidental pregnancies seem to be what we are known for. America is #3 in the World for Divorce "Way to go!!!", but Marriage is sacred right! 
Marriage Equality is about building and building is always better than tearing down. Hetero H8ers are just upset that it took GAY people to make marriage important again. The very ones that are fighting against equal rights are divorced, unhappily stuck together because neither one of them can afford to live apart, unhappily stuck together for the kids, and unhappily stuck together because of infidelity. 
But above all Marriage is a LEGAL contract, so lets leave legal issues where they court, not the pulpit!

I love you all

Thank you!


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