Marry the Meatloaf

So you have decided it's ok not to cook, not because you are tired or too busy, you simply don't know how. Well, never fear I am here to tell you it's time to marry the meatloaf or maybe you should start with boiling water! Most cooks learn immediately that the first rule in the kitchen is to release the fear.  Generally, people feel overwhelmed and anxious in the kitchen because they don't know what they're doing.  Second, try conquering an easy meal setting such as breakfast.  Making bacon and toast to begin, if someone is there with you that makes you nervous don't go in the restroom and spruce up, NO NO NOOO!!! Keep the morning breath and messy hair, lol, it will work as your barrier.  It also helps if they are still sleep and you are quiet. If you are using a gas stove turn the heat to medium, never high for beginners and if you are using an electric stove the same rules apply. It is NOT necessary to rinse off bacon, in case you were wondering. Cook the bacon until it is no longer pink and yes you need to flip it over to cook both sides. Don't toast the toast until the bacon is completely done and removed from the pan. IF you don't have a toaster you can use the oven. Put the oven on the broil setting and place bread on a cookie sheet. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT leave the stove, the toast will literally begin browning up in about 5 seconds. Remove and turn over once desired browness is reached and place back in oven to toast opposite side. I hope this helps and I promise eventually we will get to the meatloaf.