Marrying my Best Friend

My husband and I have known eachother for over 26 years.  We grew up on the same street, went to the same school, and know a lot of the same people.  When we were in grade school I started to like him a lot but, I never wanted to tell him because, of the age difference him and I have.  We are 4 years apart and I know that it would cause, a problem.  Once, high school came around I wanted to tell him how I felt all of these years but, he started dating one of my friends and I backed off because, it wasn't worth the hassle of breaking them up plus I am not like that. 

Once he graduated high school he went his separate way and so did I.  We lost contact for a long time. He got married and had a daughter.  Then he got divorced and remarried and had another daughter and a son.  During this time I never got married because, my heart was always with him.  I did date a guy for 10 years and had two wonderful daughters from him. 

Over the years my husband and I would hit and miss eachother.  We lived in the same apartment complex for many of years and didn't even know it.  We would shop at the same stores.  It is strange how him and I would be under eachothers noses and not even know it.

One day I just started a job at a construction site and he walked through the door looking for a job.  My mouth dropped and my heart dropped into my stomach.  I didn't know what to say to him for a minute. He asked me "How are you doing? What is going on with you? "  It was like we never forgot about one another.  We sat there for hours talking about our families, the past and what we want for the future.

I gave him my email address and phone number but he never called. So, I took it as a sign of he isn't interested.  After, this I did run into him at Wal-Mart but, it was a hi and bye situation.  Nothing ever came out of that. About, 5 years passed before I ever saw him again.

Then in 2005, I had moved from Houston to Omaha, Nebraska to get away from my kids father.  I started going to school and working.  Everything was finally working itself out.  Then in November 2006, I was on myspace back when it was popular and I received a message from him.  He asked me where I was what was going on and my phone number. I didn't know what to say. I was happy but sad at the same time because, I don't live in Houston anymore.  I sent him a message back.  We messaged eachother all day then I gave him my phone number the next day.

He called me up and we talked for hours.  We came up with a plan for him to come up and see Omaha.  In December he came up here. When I saw him at the gate at the air port I had those feelings all over again. I couldn't believe that he was here.  Seeing his smiling face, his nice build, and finally getting to touch him after all of these years felt so right.

He didn't leave after coming here to visit.  It didn't take us long to get things together.  Then in 2008 he asked me to marry him.  I told him yes.  In 2009 we married at the Ameristar.  The wedding was everything I wanted. 

This man has been the best thing that has happened to me besides my daughters.  He has shown me how to love, be confident about myself, and has stood behind me in everything I have done. 

This is when you know you married your best friend.  He has given me his heart and I have given him mine. 

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