Mars Needs Women

Mars needs women.

There aren’t enough women working in technology.

I know this from my own experience having worked as an employee in this sector, as well as being a business owner attending technology workshops, conferences, and tradeshows. Occupational statistics also bear this out; there is a ratio of 80:20, men to women in the technology workforce, in general.  When you look at engineering, specifically, according to the most recent U.S. Census statistics, the ratio drops even more significantly to 9:1 1. There’s a dearth of women who choose to enter, and stay, in this demanding occupation.  The questions that many women in this field are asking are, “Where are all the women and why aren’t they here? Does this even matter? Who really gives a rat’s ass?”

The answers are as complex as the day is long, but it behooves us to look into them.  I believe it does matter where women are working and why they aren’t choosing careers in technology.  I give a rat’s ass and you should, too. Here’s why…

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Elizabeth Keller
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