Discover hidden storage space AND win $100 giftcard from Martha Stewart

I hung the tree on the door and wrote out a few labels for the baby gear I do have in my stash. They were the perfect size for the area above the pocket. As I get more, I'll add more sections. Should I need to change it around, I'll have no problem just putting a new label right on top. Hooray!...more

Martha, Organizing and $100 from Staples

I LOVE office supplies. Love, love, love them. It's something about the potential of fresh pads of paper, sharp new pencils, and list pads waiting for check lists to be crossed off. Sometimes when I've had a hard day and Doug walks in the door, I'll run away to Staples to just walk up and down the aisles. The smell of new paper and the browsing of pens goes a long way towards calming my nerves....more

Simplify in Style with Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ {plus a GIVEAWAY!}

It was like Christmas here in my home; even my daughter thought this package of goodies was the coolest stuff ever, and she is only 6!...more

An Organized Office Space

I have also used the chalkboard labels in my son's room as well as in my fall decor. They come in different sizes but a little tip is that you can cut them in half as well! They cut really nicely....more

Organization Martha Style

Using some over-sized mugs I got at the Dollar Store and some cute Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Chalkboard Labels, I organized my brushes, markers and tools. I wrote fun little motivational reminders, instead of straightforward labels since the contents are obvious....more

Get organized with Martha Stewart

You can mix and match items from the Stack+Fit line to create a custom desk organization system. It is designed so each piece can fit perfectly atop or alongside (sometimes inside!) the rest....more

Martha Does it Again

I think my mom hit the fancy, color coordinated thumbtack on the head when she said, Martha Stewart makes homemaking an art and something beautiful. So true. 20 years later, and she's still at it but not just with crafting and baking. She has turned her creativity to the entire house, right down to filing those boring papers and labeling leftovers....more

Home Office Reorganized and Simplified

In a basket in front of the bookcase, I put some gift bags, wrapping paper and shipping paper. The shipping paper from the line is red and fancy enough that you can wrap your WHOLE box, and ship it … already wrapped! Genius!...more

Simple Organizing Tips Using Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™{and a Giveaway!}

I was impressed with the new Holiday Shipping products in the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line; they are durable enough to mail and pretty enough to go right under the tree. There’s also wrapping paper, bags, tags, and ribbon – all coordinating of course!...more

Simplify in Style & $100 Staples Gift Card Giveaway

If you're like me and need a mobile office, you will love the accordion file and document sleeves. I find these especially helpful for keeping my client work organized and presentation ready. The best part is it all fits neatly inside my bag when I'm heading out the door....more