The marvelous bows of Mimi So.

I love bows. Big ones, little ones, especially sparkly ones. But I'm picky. I hate when a bow is too skinny, too fat, too long, or just off in some undefinable way. But Mimi So is a lady who understands bows. She has an entire bow-focused collection and every bow is perfect.

"This romantic collection has a playful attitude, like the designer herself. Mimi created a modern, sculptural bow ring inspired by tying a string around her finger to remind her of special moments."

Something I love as much as I love bows is tiny things. It will not shock you that I think this bangle is one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen. 18 karat white gold, with a row of pave diamonds (1.25 cts) and the two prettiest little rose gold bows that the world has ever known.

Mimi So designs all kinds of fabulous jewelry - with bows and without. I couldn't fit in all in this post, so I created a Mimi So Pinterest board and I'll definitely be featuring more of her work here and on my Tumblr. For now: on with the bows!

This stunning cocktail ring is big, bold, pink, and extraordinarily fabulous. Rose gold, white gold, white diamonds, pink sapphires. I love the color combination, the exuberant, dynamic shape, the contrast of the detailing with the white diamonds on the inside of the ribbon.

This is the mini rose gold bow knot necklace - it's obviously the soul-mate of the bangle above. It is tiny and perfect.

The bow ring also comes in yellow sapphire, with white diamonds and yellow gold.

There are slightly more understated bow rings to, like this "petite" bow ring - it's smaller and has fewer diamonds than the pink one. It's yellow gold, 18 karat, with white diamonds. The ring shank appears to have a slight ripple effect, as if it's supposed to mimic a ribbon tied around the finger. This would be my daytime bow ring. (At least on the days when I wasn't wearing a different one. There are so very many to choose from.)

All of Mimi So's collection bow collection is available on her website. All images and info on this post are thanks to Mimi So and her marvelously friendly and helpful team.

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