Mary Helen Leonard

Publisher, Mary Makes Dinner
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As an avid food blogger and online culinary instructor, Mary Helen has spent the last several years eating out loud. She’s a professionally trained cook with a background in French, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines, from a food-crazy family of fishermen and restaurateurs. This mix of culinary influences has resulted in a cooking style that Mary Helen likes to call “homespun fusion”. Comfort foods are often at the heart of her recipes, and they tend to be peppered with unexpected flavors and ingredients. 

She enjoys sharing her skills online as a culinary instructor for, a site that uses Google + Hangout technology to host live, interactive cooking classes. She also manages a large community on G+ called "In the Kitchen". This lively culinary forum uses photos, video, and hangouts to share their love of all things edible.

Mary Helen also loves competitive cooking. Recently, she took home the prize for “most experimented” at the 2012 Austin Food Experiment for her tomatillo ice cream. In November of 2012, Mary Helen began a series of cook-offs using G+ Hangout technology. Food Bloggers compete live, in real-time via streaming video to G+ and YouTube.

Mary Helen’s food obsessions include, but are not limited to: noodles, pickles, rice balls, avocado, hot sauce, quinoa, dim sum, beer-garitas, sweet potatoes, and, of course, ice cream.