Mary Kay® Makeovers and an Opportunity to Win!


Every season, one thing remains the same: You crave the latest in innovative skin care, makeup trends, fragrance choices, body care and even fabulous gifts. Mary Kay has it all!   Mary Kay offers everything you need for radiant, flawless skin that defies age.  Mary Kay offers customized solutions for your skin with Botanical Effects, TimeWise and TimeWise Repair regimens.  Multiple foundation options and unlimited color combinations give you looks to match your style. Add body care and fragrance items to fit your mood, and you have a head-to-toe reason to celebrate you!  Plus, gift options for him and her make it easy to show you care without breaking your budget. Click here to find your next beauty inspiration.

Mary Kay has also teamed up with BlogHer, to show you how to look your beautiful best.  This season, bloggers are trying some of the fabulous products Mary Kay has to offer.  Get their exclusive product reviews below.  To make things even more exciting, each blogger is giving you an opportunity to win a Mary Kay gift pack, filled with over $260 worth of fabulous products!

The Looking Your Best Program Sweepstakes runs from 11/19/12 through 12/31/12 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 19 years or older. Read the official rules here. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!

Mary Kay — Review and Giveaway!!

Rich, long lasting colors, thick gloss, and skin care products that actually DO what they are supposed to make all the difference. And THAT is why I love Mary Kay. Mary Kay products are high quality, consistent, and affordable. What’s not to love?...more

Gorgeous Color, Gorgeous Skin: Mary Kay

When I used Mary Kay's Lash Primer, I was so pleased with the results. It was like 2 coats of mascara but without all the clumping that often comes with a second coat. The primer also strengthens and helps condition lashes. Score!...more

Review: A Multitude of Mary Kay

The Compact Mini is a great system. It can hold three eye shadows and a cheek color on the top level. Under that is a secret compartment for your brushes and sponges. It's perfect for travel....more

Mary Kay Make-up Giveaway

I couldn't believe how much I loved the Café Au Lait color, though. It's wonderful. It looks like my natural lip color but with a slight tinge of pink, plus of course the gloss. Pretty cool...The Café Au Lait is going into regular rotation....more

Mary Kay: Surprising Underrated!

The major shocker for me was the mascara. Mary Kay® Lash Love™ Waterproof Mascara was a big win for me. I was on my way to church, and when Bishop tends to say thing that hit home, I can’t stop the tears. When I applied it to my lashes, it separated them really well. Really, really well. This is a big thing for me because my lashes tend to all naturally clump together. After all of my crying and happiness, I checked my mascara out. Still separated, still intact....more

Mary Kay

This little compact is a really neat idea. It’s magnetic, so you can easily pop in and out different eyeshadows and blush, and when one runs out you can replace it with a refill instead of having to replace the whole thing....more

Feelin' pretty {a Mary Kay Giveaway!}

I may not be the biggest girly girl, but I surely don't want to look old before my time. This little magic TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set has already made a huge difference in my face... I LOVE it....more

Not your momma's Mary Kay

Mary Kay© NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss - If I had to choose an absolute favorite take-on-a-deserted-island lip product, this would be it. I was shocked. I usually hate those foam applicators. This time I wasn’t bothered at all. It works perfectly with this formula....more

Mary kay makes me feel pretty

They sent the NEW TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Eye Renewal Cream. Let's be honest...who doesn't need a little extra help in their eye area? We all get tired, we are aging, and this refreshes the skin around the eyes and feels silky! It even has a cool applicator shaped for the eyes....more

Mary Kay Review & Gift Basket Giveaway!

My favorite items in the whole set were the Mary Kay NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss (it doesn't dry out your lips!) and the TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set....more