Mary Poppins was Right! by Sally Huss

"Fun is the best taskmaster!"

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Mary Poppins was right!  She knew that “a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.”  To her sugar meant some kind of fun.  Fun is the best taskmaster!  Kids know it.  Teachers and parents know it.  Now, to act on this knowing when it has to do with your own activities, is a good habit to have.  It always comes down to attitude. No matter how you try to get around it, it is attitude that makes the difference in the doings that we have to do.

A youngish woman came into my gallery this morning with a definite intention.  “Give me that one about the dirty laundry!” 

I pulled the piece of gift art off of the wall.  She explained that her circumstances had changed recently and she no longer had a housekeeper, one who did her laundry.  It was now her task to care for the family’s clothes.  She said that she had never bothered about her laundry room in the past – no frills, no decorations of any kind.  But now that she was doing the laundry, she wanted to spice up this activity and wanted this particular saying on the wall of that little room.

As I wrapped the framed piece, I read it again.  “Dirty laundry reminds me that someone has worked, someone has played, someone has eaten, someone has slept, and someone has enjoyed their day just as they will tomorrow if someone like me takes care with what they have to wear.”  This particular thought gives a whole new meaning to doing laundry.  It may not be the most fun job in a home, but it is necessary and if you are elected, it still can be joyful.  

We are the ones who put the fun in our lives, whether it’s on the job or at play.     



“Life is wonderful! Don’t forget it.”

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