Maryl and Caryl wonder: Why Can't We Get Anything Done?

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Mary Lou Floyd & Carrie Tuhy
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Second Lives Club

Second Lives Club is a blog and community site for women 50 years and older whose goal is "to make the best of the rest". The site reflects both the changing priorities of this under-served demographic group as well as the rapidly-changing world it lives in. In individual and occasional joint posts, Caryl and Maryl act as both tour guides and sidekicks on this unforged path. The two co-founders rely on a limited number of categories and employ truth, humor, real life experiences and solid journalistic skills to engage and validate an audience that often finds itself invisible and stigmatized by aging. 

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder or AAADD is not a real disease or is it?  It sure feels like one as we bounce from one task to another with no results to show in the end.  Caryl and Maryl have their own antidote against this debilitating behavior…. or maybe not?