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So this deer walks into a bar ...

I know you are thinking that this a joke. This is no set-up --  but there is a punch line. You just have to wait for it. First of all there were two of them, and secondly they ran into the bar.

Oh, now you think I am ranting. I assure you I am stone sober and marginally sane. Really, two deer ran into a bar. I have proof.


See? I told you there was a punch line. Two deer ran into a bar in Wisconsin this weekend -- a bar in which the patrons were watching a (wait for it) the Milwaukee Bucks play-off game.

Maybe they thought it was a mascot try out.

It is too bad that they weren't wolves -- not that I want wolves bum-rushing a bar -- it is just that I think The University of Nevada might be in need of a new mascot after the last Wolfie lost his balance.




I think The Toronto Raptor's mascot is okay, but they might be in need of a new cheerleader.


I feel sorry for these deer; there is no way they will be able to unseat this Milwaukee Buck mascot, Bango.  (What are you looking at? I didn't name him.) Watch this.


His job is safe.

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