Matching Outfits: Which Sister Wore It Better?

If you ever want to really piss off sisters who are two and a half years apart, just dress them alike.

I have two siblings, a younger sister and a younger brother. But it was my sister who definitely played a role in most of my sibling rivalries growing up, probably because we were closer in age and the same sex. Therefore, we had infinitely more stupid things to fight over. My brother was mainly just the cute baby...until he outgrew both of us. Then he was just the tall goofball who could eat more cereal in one sitting than we thought was humanly possible. At worst, we were usually just ticked that he scarfed down all the Lucky Charms before we even got a bowl.

But my sister and I, we could fight about anything. The worst tantrums usually came when we inevitably ended up in the same outfit. As any mom of multiple little girls is wont to do, ours would often buy my sister and I matching clothes, or the same outfit in different colors. And since my little sister was almost as tall as me (then as tall, then taller), matching outfits increased the likelihood that we would be mistaken for twins. When one of those siblings is older than the other, and older by the enormous margin of two AND A HALF years, that mistake is basically like telling said older sibling she looks like she still wears diapers and eats strained peas, instead of like a mature pre-teen with such sophisticated tastes as Milli Vanilli and virgin strawberry daiquiris. Oh, and who has read Go Ask Alice and found it super deep.

matching outfits
Freakin' precious. I know.

It's hard to say how many times my sister and I would come out of our respective rooms, ready to head somewhere, wearing virtually the same thing. Then the atomic bomb would drop.


Next began the showdown: who would cave and change their clothes? Looking back on it now, I feel thankful that I have one girl and one boy. That's one rivalry I won't have to sheriff. I also would like to take this opportunity to pass along my sincere apologies to my own mother. Our behavior was completely unjustifiable punishment for the simple crime of wanting your children to look like they walked straight out of the OshKosh B'gosh catalogue.

Throughout the years, my sister and I have randomly found ourselves unknowingly copying off of each other. We often order the same food at restaurants. We ended up with very similar curtains on the front windows of our houses, which also happen to be in the same neighborhood. We have the exact same different colors. And last Christmas, we both showed up to my parents' house dressed like this:

Who wore the turtleneck sweater dress better. Hint: you better say me. Oh wait, you probably can't tell which one is me, seeing as how we look like twins and all.
Who wore the turtleneck sweater dress better? Hint: you better say me. Oh wait, you probably can't tell which one is me, seeing as how we look like twins and all.

Obviously, this type of long-term conditioning can only be the fault of one person: our mother and her need to buy us matching outfits. Mom, I take back my apology. I hope you're happy with the clones who once used to be two distinctly different daughters.

And for the record, I was wearing that sweater dress first.

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