Maternity Facts & Stats: Tips for finding your perfect birth facility

As I plod along this prenatal journey of mine, I've recently starting paying more and more attention to the typical ways of the US maternity system. While so far I've admittedly lucked out with my care providers (although the politics of the bigwigs has indeed affected my birth plan in a most direct way), it's not without great pains and thorough research that I came across the facility and team that I've chosen to pursue my care with.


Photography by: Jose Goulao

In my experience, there are three main ways to make sure you're getting some background info on each hospital/birthing center/home birth midwife service in your surrounding area.

  • Check out C-Section statistics for each of the local hospitals in your area. This awesome article gives a really straight forward lowdown on where to visit online for each State's up-to-date stats, kindly compiled by Kari from Thanks Kari! Another fab space to begin your search of recent rates and stats in the hospitals that surround you is, who've kindly listed online sites, State by State, for you to get stuck into and learn what you need to know!
  • Word of mouth from other local Moms - Online local communities such as the one found at can be a great resource, when it comes to gathering first-hand opinions and experiences others have had, in the very same maternity services in your area. Look for your city within the community section and get posting with your pressing questions (chances are someone will already have wondered the same thing already, so there's often a lot to be learnt from reading through your area's past posts too!)


Photography by: Jose Goulao

  • Find out what others are saying about your new potential OB/Midwife. With online review sites like  and just waiting to be dug through, you can now get recent info on each potential healthcare professional's education history, employment history and very often first-hand reviews from current and previous patients. While I'm sure you can't believe everything you read, they provides a pretty solid starting place for those of us just beginning to trawl through hundreds of local care providers, and can certainly help to narrow down your options!

Got any tips on what to look out for and how to prepare yourself for maternity care? Share them below in the comments! Let's get ourselves primed and ready ladies!

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