Matzoh-Pahoozah: 101 Ways to Eat Matzoh

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Editor’s note: Passover is coming up, and for observant eaters, that means there’s at least one box of matzoh in the cabinet. Slathering it with butter gets old quick, so Jenny and Renee from Leite’s Culinaria come up with an encyclopedic list of what to eat on, with, or in matzo. Some of these dishes sound insanely delicious-—chocolate-covered matzo crunch, anyone? And there’s lots of ideas from your fellow food bloggers too. --Jane

It’s time to break out the matzoh. And the matzo. And the matzah. Whether you like it or not. Because no matter how you spell the thin, crisp, crackerlike flatbread, it’s not as if you can pretend it doesn’t exist. (Though chances are you may wish you could—especially by, oh, the seventh day or so of Passover, when you probably couldn’t care less if you open another box of matzoh again. Ever.)

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