I have very few friends "my age". I do not know why or how this happens....but it is true.

I attended a cancer benefit last night with two of my girlfriends with the intent of meeting a group of blended couples and others that would be there. It was lovely.The band that was hosting is a favorite, notorious for playing 90's hip-hop.....which, when you are 44, was the stuff you cherish as "your jam"; the anthems of your youth and dancing fun days.

Mattie, who I assume is related to me by blood as we are so alike is is eerie, and I noticed that during the break, the music was drastically mis-matched. I brought this to his attention mt randomly singing him the lyric "SOME PEOPLE CALL ME MAURICE <WOOT WOO>"

Mattie now calls me Maurice. o_O

Mattie has a 3 1/2 son. I laughed.......I said, "See......that's where the difference shows. Mine turns 18 next month and starts college in the Fall......remember, I am old." Matt did a double take. He does forget. So does his beauty Terra.

People also forget that I am married. It is so far removed from my personality...... I am not out, shopping for men or a relations of any sort. But I also, apparently, do not seem attached. I never speak of him....what is there to say? When I so spend time out of the house I am with friends, and they are younger. Some of them in relationships......some not. So, I can see where the question could be posed.

I met a friends husband last night......the first thing he said was "Wow, you come with a lot of cool stories! I hope you live up to the hype!" HILARIOUS! At the end of the evening, Bryan assured me that I was a "very big deal" and "blew the hype out....way exceeded the details!" Awww, nice dude! New friend.....gotta love that!

Typically, my age is guessed at 32. That coupon is worth 12 years.........uh, I WILL TAKE IT!  It was great to be out, have fun, see my friends, make new ones, and kinda be 32 again,

XO- Maurice~

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