Max-I-Can Food

Ouch. Much. Tummyrumbly. 3 AM. Perhaps the results of Max-I-Can food (?) Actually it was Max-I-Can Tex Mexican food (!) Well, I was compensating for a no lunch munch situation. Perhaps its listening to too much irrational international news while I snooze (?) On a positive note, congratulations to all the happy couples who just got married in a massive ceremony in Peru for only $10. Hope your marriages are as wonderful as ours, as we are just a few days away from 29 years (!)

Hah! I just heard on the teleBision that a woman had called 911 because she had ate too much! When the emergency people showed up, she was arrested for improper use of the emergency service. I promise not to call 911, I will just go ahead and die instead, -boip-, eX-squeeze me. Oh, bother, now the news has switched to the North Korean funeral. I feel I ate enough for their entire country of 24 million people. On a positive note I have checked my smoke detector recently.

Hold it, the smoke detector sentence was just a response to another completely separate news story not tied to my food situation.

I am really confused now - somebody has a new teleBision show called 'Celebrity Wife Swap'. Someone sings, "What are you going to do with your wife?" to an old rock-n-roll twang. Gary Abuse-y is involved?!?!? Um, I thinks 'no thanks'.

New news story. Acid reflux.

I think I will attempt to fix this with a cookie and milk.

And less teleBision.

I also remembered that I also filled out a survey with the restaurant for a chance to win $1,000. The survey was eXtremely long, I deserve the thousand! My only complaint was the flour tortillas are too small. But now that I think about it they are the size of the tortilla containers that they bring to the table, so getting larger tortillas would require larger containers. So there is a very slim possibility that I could win a big cash prize! There is a much slimmer possibility that I am slimmer than 24 hours ago.


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