Maxwell House International and a $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

I enjoy a good cup of coffee - in the quiet morning all by myself, in the afternoon with a friend, and always when I eat a sweet dessert. Coffee is a simple pleasure in my life. Not long ago, when Hannah was visiting, we had the opportunity to sample and review two Maxwell House International coffees. The package arrived at the perfect time - in the midst of a knitting project....more

Easy Iced Cappuccino with Maxwell House International (and a Giveaway!)

I’ve always said that Alexis will change the world, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized she already has. She has single-handedly managed to turn my world upside-down, and not just because she’s a small human that I’m responsible for raising. She turned me into a coffee drinker. All by herself....more

On the Receiving End of a Perfect Cup of Coffee {Maxwell House International Review and $100 Visa Card Giveaway}

When Maxwell House International was interested in sending me their Hazelnut and Cinnamon Spice flavors for our family to try and share, I willingly obliged. And that son of mine? He was immediately on board, ready to try out a few spoonfuls of the Maxwell House International cafe-style beverage in my coffee in place of creamer. I was surprised! My plain cup of coffee suddenly tasted special....more

The Dose Girls Are Spooning

Lisa loves to spoon with a smooth one from the mountains who doesn't keep her up all night. Ashley enjoys spooning with the nutty type who'll put some pep in her step. We could do it several times a day. It satisfies our cravings. You know we're absolutely crazy about spooning our... coffee....more

Mocha Chocolate Chip Brownies + A $100 Visa Giftcard Giveaway!

Not only is Maxwell House International delicious as a cafe-style beverage all by itself, but you can add a few spoonfuls instead of creamer to add a little romance to your coffee! I'm always pleased to find new ways of using something, speaking of which, Maxwell House International can also be used in these delicious brownies....more

Of Chaos and Coffee

One of the things about having lots of kids is that you're always trying to control the chaos one way or another. Sometimes that means putting multiple kids in the same activity to save driving, or doing fewer activities overall. Other times you triple a cookie recipe while you've already got a mess in the kitchen, or nix a messy snack and instead suggest one that is easier to clean up....more