May 1st 1993 – Pillow Fight

Last night after I wrote in my journal, we all were getting ready for bed and we got in a huge full on pillow fight! Brett, Janie, Pierre, Arturo, Svend, the dork returnee from Brazil, and everyone else! We were throwing pillows, blankets, air matrices, and anything else we could. It was so fun and it went on for 10 to 15 minutes! I got some great photo’s! When we finally did get to sleep at 3am or so, I had one of the greatest sleeps. I slept between Bret and Arturo. It was nice and cozy! Oh, before the pillow fight we were all looking at Photo’s. Halla has a photo of the night at the last camp when Svend and I held hands. In the photo we were all asleep! It brought back some good memories!

Anyway, today at the camp it was kinda just a hang out day! We had one meeting and we cleaned up and then we all just hung out together and talked! It was great! Me, Janie, and Pierre are buds! Along with Bret and Arturo. We are really great with everyone else but that’s just how it goes. We just had a great time! I love those camps. The next one is at the end of this month. I can’t wait! Marcos told me that my name is in his language (Portuguese) meaning someone who loves sex! It was really funny – who knows if he is serious or not! This weekend Svend and I got along really well. I think it is because I ignored him! I just treated him like any other guy and we got along excellent! We talked, and he smiled at me, he sat next to me, it was actually really comfortable! Last time after that night wear absolutely nothing happened, it was very uncomfortable! So I’m glad everything is cool now! Pierre and I are cool too! Last time it was weird with us – I don’t know why?

Well me Madre ties the knot soon! Scary! I’m totally cool about it – but it’s weird when I think about it! When I think that every Christmas will be Mom and Al and everything else! I think the weirdest part is I think my only real problem is jealousy! I guess we (Teri, Trev, and I) have always been number one! When we were having Dad problems we all stuck together! I don’t know it’s just weird! But it’s a great excuse to call Mom! I love talking to her!

I just happen to be watching 90210 and Brenda and Dillon broke up and now Dillon is seeing Kelly and they didn’t tell Brenda to save her feelings! Sounds familiar. My god they should make a show out of this one! I don’t know but news like that can drive someone crazy, like shoving a knife in their ear and driving them mad. Like hearing what Cody told me! I’m not usually too violent but that drove me crazy!! I’ve never had a “big secret” before! Ok I have lot’s of times! I remember with Caleb when he told me he was jealous of me and Bennett and then we kissed and stuff and I had lie to Bree to her face! And with Malcolm! Same deal. God sometimes it’s hard always being the “other woman” and never “the woman!” But I really shouldn’t feel sorry for myself! Those where all great adventures and I always smile when I think of those times! I always smirk! Hehe! And I have guys who really love me! Cody loves me! He really does! And Griffin does as well, and Parker! Wow! There is another aspect Australia helped me see! Cool! I’m tires and watching the move Dying Young.

Until next time love…



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