May 21st 1993 – Adventures in Dream Land

Here I am again at 10:30am to write about last night adventures in dream land.

Well, there was a party! I got really drunk and I didn’t remember most of it, but I do remember that houses. At least on the outside, they were terrace houses and they were virtually identical. Other than their color, just a fraction of a shade different! But I noticed it and kept staring at the line where the two houses met. Examining it, and looking at the two houses and finding every difference I could. The railings on the balconies were a bit different, one was smoothly painted, the other had bits of white under the black paint. Oh – the houses were pinky purple colors, and I was in a car driving away from them. As we drove away I noticed how the colors seemed to almost match. God it was weird. I still have the image of those two houses sitting at the end of a dead end road in my mind. It was crazy.

This is where it gets crazy. The woman who was driving the car told me that Mael and Khamen were at the party. Now those are characters in ‘Queen of the Dammed.’ Actually the Vampire Chronicles. I remember being so mad because I didn’t notice them and I thought, shit I was drunk and I would have been all over them. The woman was a vampire, but I don’t know who she was. I just remember the owners of the terrace houses we partied in had names of Vampires – one was Jesse and I’m not sure of the other!

All of a sudden we were in the snow at the ski slopes. I have dreamt of this place before, but last time it was on a very basic level. This time all of them were there – all of the Vampires. Everyone! I got introduced to them, but the names rolled off my head. I remember thinking they were all really beautiful, very white. Now the men were all dressed in very nice, very sexy ski outfits – all very Patagonia. They were excellent skiers and they would go off cliffs and levitate there. One young one was clawing on ready to fall, but we got him up. It was strange because I was observing all this.

Then we all gathered in a huge tent set up over the ice. Everyone was in there and I got really Closter phobic and I thought the tent was too close to the edge of the cliff, so I poked my head out and got a couple of deep breaths! Then I went back in and sat next to one of them who I really liked, I think I called him Mael, but it wasn’t’ him. He was shy, but that’s not the reason, I remember he took his legs out of the sleeping bag he was under and they were small and bruised and almost a yellow color. I thought how he could be a vampire with all the bruises, especially if it was Mael because he was old enough to heal very quickly, especially just a little bruise.

We all went to the Mall. It was like an all-night place to eat! The place you go to when you are drunk off your ass and you need to eat! It was just me and one other who were mortal, so obviously we were the only two who ate! I stood at the counter with a baby alligator in my hand and ordered a hamburger with bacon and cheese for my friend.

Now I’ll explain the baby alligator. One of my guy friends was just turned into a vampire and when he walked into the place he ran into a counter and all of a sudden he was an alligator playing with a loose lid on a jar on the counter. So I picked him up and took him with me to order!

I woke up!