May I Rant about Race and the President, Please?

I just read a link a high school friend posted on Facebook, which I shall not post here because I do not want to drive their traffic up. 


It's a story about a white kid getting beat up by three black kids on a bus, complete with video, which I skipped. The title was, "13-year-old White Boy Beaten: Where is President Obama?"

 I'll tell you: he is in the White House (or out on official duty).  Do you know why? Because he is the President. He is not the Racial Police on a mission to right racial wrongs. He is the President of the Freaking United States, and I hope to all that is holy that he is spending time on things more presidential than a fight between some teenagers, even in that fight was horrific and violent.  There are horrific and violent things that happen every day, sadly, and although they are terrible things and life changing for the individuals, I do not want my president commenting on every single one. 

 There are some horrific events that the President must comment on, like school shootings, or incredibly polarizing court cases where people are heated and may be incited to fury. Court cases that appear to be incredibly unjust and have been highly publicized are worth a presidential comment.  Every act of violence cannot be commented on by the President. He would get nothing else done.

 Apparently the attack in this report was one white boy beaten by three black boys, and the victim wound up with a broken arm. This happens every day to white boys and black boys and black girls and white girls and Asians and Native Americans, and Latinas and Indians and Gays and Straights and Transgenders and Cisgenders. I'm sorry if I left your particular favorite group out - I didn't mean to be exclusionary, I just ran out of breath. Bad things happen every day. Bad people hurt good people for many different reasons all the time, and all of it is heartbreaking.

 Bad things happen between different groups every day. All of them are "Hate Crimes" meaning they are crimes fueled by hate. Some of them are racially motivated, or motivated by outrage towards a minority group, some are motivated by a hatred of everyone and everything. All crimes of violence are horrific and should not be tolerated. I don't care who started it.  

 It's not the President's job to comment on all of them, just because he commented on some of them. I think if you asked him, he would say he is against all racially motivated crimes.  I even think he might be against all violent crime. I might even hazard a guess that maybe he's even against all crime. 

 Now I'm going to go out on a limb here, and see if it holds me. You remember Mitt Romney? The guy  I didn't vote for? I bet he is against violent crime, too. I may be wrong about this, but I think most people are decent when they stop spouting rhetoric.  It's hard to remember the person in the other political party is human, even for me, but I think it is probably true.  

 Here is another limb I'll climb out on - I am a bit let down by my president. I don't think he has fulfilled all my hopes and dreams, but I still think he is doing better than the one I didn't vote for might have. I'm still proud I got to vote for him twice. My point is that I don't think his decision not to comment on this particular case is correct because I have rose-colored glasses on about him as a president.  I think he is a fine president, but I don't think he is perfect.  I just know what the President of the United States is supposed to do. If you are confused, Wikipedia has a nice explanation here


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