May I rant for a minute?

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I just had a bizarre, and unfortunately all too typical, phone call with a commercial broker. The conversation was rife with things unsaid and hidden between the lines. First of all, I was returning his call because he said he might have a buyer interested in our apartment building (not for sale). Instead of beginning the call with a discussion of his “buyer”, what he’s really doing is calling to pitch me a property being sold by the guys we bought our other building from (been there, seen it, and no, you’re not getting a commission if I’m interested). And, he withholds that bit of info from me (until I asked outright).

Then, and again sooooo typical, he sort of non-nonchalantly asks (he wasn’t subtle at all actually), “Are you the one handling your real estate or is it your husband?”. Do you think for one minute he would have asked my husband that? You know what guys? If you can’t work with women and you’re gonna be a sleaze, don’t call.

On a more positive note...

Let’s be clear here, the guy was a bit of a weasel… but I didn’t tell him that. The fact is, you want to get calls from brokers (or anyone, in any industry, who has their ear to ground), the more the better. These are the guys that are actively in the market, and frankly, they’re gossips to beat all gossips. Nurturing these relationships is to your advantage. These are the guys that can bring deals before they reach the market. You don’t have to hang out with them, the point is, if you aren’t making these connections, making phone calls, getting to know the people in your industry, you’re missing a great deal.

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