May is "Me" Month

I have noticed a pattern in my health and wellness cycles and wondered if you experience the same type of cycle. For me, this actually occurs in a similar variation, year after year.

JANUARY is the month of recommitment to my health and wellness goals.

FEBRUARY  I charge forward with full energy.

MARCH I begin to see results but start feeling a bit strained.

APRIL I began to feel stretched too thin, possibly deprived, irritable, restless, and lacking. The shift becomes tangible as my diet gently falls back into familiar old routines that do not serve me anymore.

By MAY I usually start feeling unpleased with my efforts thus far and often feel that everything I was working towards has been lost... 

And since JUNE is around the corner, I feel it is too late to go back and fix whatever I messed up in April and May.  

From there, summer arrives like a train running me over and reminding me that I messed up whatever I was working towards for summer, and yet another season will pass when I am not "where I wanted to be for summer."

The helplessness will most likely continue into the fall season and the derailment picks up speed when holidays come closer until I get back to JANUARY again when the cycle starts over. 

This, my friends, is the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  

To avoid insanity, I am hoping to bring awareness to my own destructive patterns today.  With awareness comes the ability to understand what is going on, stop my actions, and make a change.  That is why I am REDEDICATING the month of MAY to ME. 

 This month, I feel the need to step back from scheduling myself with multiple engagements. I feel the need to downsize, simplify, and rejuvenate. I want to get in touch with the essence of spring which to me means rebirth, growth, and renewal.  

In order to blossom for spring, I have to reprioritize my life around what keeps me healthy and happy.   I have to go places where I can recharge and reboot my system.  I may have to take classes instead of teach classes. I may need to put myself first before others so that I do not get lost in their needs and desires. I may need to reach out to the people who revitalize me and put me back in touch with my own energies.  I may need to treat myself to some extra rest time, perhaps a hot bath, some aromatherapy, a massage or pedicure. I need to take this month to engage in hobbies and activities that lift my spirits. I may need to avoid certain people, places, or things that generally do not serve my goals or intentions.  I may need to make changes that others do not understand or agree with.   I may need to understand that some days if all I can accomplish is to get up and take a shower, that is okay. As long as I am working my way back to ME, I am in the right place.  

As MAY and JUNE mark the MID YEAR point, it makes sense that this is a perfect time to get RECENTERED in the circle of life so that the second half will again be abundant with laughter, life, gratitude, and energy.  Why not make the month of MAY YOUR month too?  

I would love to hear from you if you have had or are having a similar cycle or experience.  


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