Mayan Calendar 2012 explained.

Hi guys. I know this is where you come to get your armor so that you can go out and fight your way through the dirty wench that is Monday by laughing at what a huge moron I am after reading my Moronic Monday story and then comparing your own day to it.

However-  this week is going to be a little different.  You will of course still be left with that warm feeling in your belly that lets you know I am indeed a moron. The situation is I have been working on a Scientific Studies Series that will explain the Apocalypse.  In order to fully grasp it, you will have to visit both blogs this week. I pretty much explain it all on ThePits  so you should  start by CLICKING HERE ( go ahead it will open in a new window when you're done just come back and finish this post.) A lot of credit is being given to the Mayan Calendar and Millions of Dollars are being spent to study it, why it ends when it does and what it means.   Some really smart Scientist Guys ( code for dudes who don't get laid EVER) have determined that it's based on their 2600 year cycle and December 21 2012 will be the birth of a new era and that birth is bloody and painful. ( clearly they have NEVER seen the Orgasmic births on Youtube.  I really do wish I could scrub that from my memory.) Anyway,  a lot of people are freaking smooth out because of the Myan Calendar.  So I used my Government Experience to come up with a more feasible explanation of what happened. thepeachy1, being peachy, scientific study, mayan calendar, mayan community meeting, pork spending thepeachy1, politics, being peachy, mayans, calendar, 2012, apcolypse,  council meeting, pay cuts, health care.moronic monday, beingpeachy, the peachy1, mayans, council, budget, idea pitch, health care, foreign, chief  policy, mayan cheif, stoned, strangers, death, dime bag, sober, calendar, budget cuts, beingpeachy, the peahcy1mayan leader, vision quest, calendar app. stoned, facepalm, budget cuts, being peachy, the peachy1mayan calendar, budget cuts, economy, severance package, ted, phil, being peachy, thepeachy1downsizing, mayans, employment, council, budget cuts, efficiency, being peachy, the peachy 1 human resources, downsizing, cut backs, economy, mayans, being peachy, the peachy1 downsizing,  mayan early retirement or mayan severance pay,  being peachy, thepeachy1 That's the  mystery behind they Mayan Calendar. Now you know. Seriously you guys I swear.  It's not some big freaking end of the world stuff ( maybe)  it's that they had staff ( budget) cuts to make. Stay tuned every day this week as both blogs,  here at BeingPeachy and next door at will be taking you on a journey that will fill your head with useless crap enlighten you.



Life is a journey not a job, just Be Peachy.

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