Maybe Inclusion Isn't Such a Bad Idea

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I found this post on inclusive classrooms to lend a particularly important voice to the discussion. Accidental Expert at Raising Complicated Kids is pretty darn honest about her thoughts about inclusion, sharing some thoughts that some people tend to shy away from sharing. I think in doing so, she provides a glimpse into a difficult subject from a vantage point we don't always think about.

Inclusion May Not Be Overrated After All:

Inclusive ClassroomBeing the jaded parent that I am, I was just about ready to write off the reality of successful inclusion until I saw a post from another mom on an online board. It referenced a post on the SFARI website titled New York program fulfills the promise of inclusive education. This mom talked about her son, who is in the program and the amazing progress he has made.

This program sounds like a dream come true -- the marriage of integration with true support. Why it is doing what educational administrators -- at least in this fair state -- have shrugged off as an amusing, yet unsustainable theory for as long as I can recall.

With one in 100 children on the spectrum, and the numbers increasing almost exponentially, we can no longer afford to ignore this growing population.

Read on for more thoughts on inclusion, how they've changed and a call for public schools to change their approach.

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