Maybe Not perfect, But I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

A reader last night left a comment that she was "so over" the homes I was posting because they were so perfect and didn't look lived in.  It kind of bummer me out!  I wanted to explain that the reason that I post interiors by famous designers (and not so famous ones like myself) is that I think inspiration can be found everywhere. I post them to show the gorgeous colors, patterns, textures, arrangements, ideas, etc.  Truth be told, my home is almost NEVER "photo ready."  I have children and a pool -- put that together and you can guess what the house looks like: bathing suits on the decks, towels everywhere, water on the kitchen floor, juice boxes left in the grass, and flip flops at the back door. And I wouldn't have it any other way.  Of course we all should live in the moment and not sacrifice a moment of fun for the sake of a perfect home. In fact, those everyday messes caused by crazy children are what make a house perfect.  So, while I gaze on these "perfectly arranged" homes in magazine and blogs, I try not to let them make me feel somehow inferior.  Anyone can clean up a house and get it photo ready....the trick lies in making the home beautiful but at the same time loving and full of family and fun, like I imagine these that I focus on today are:


That's all for now, but you can:





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